Levitating Frog is an independent game studio from Poland.

We make unique games for mobiles.


Scatterfly is available now!

Levitating Frog studio has a great pleasure to announce that our biggest game Scatterfly is available on Google Play!
Great game from a small studio - as a team consisting of only 3 persons we were able to face such a great project!
We are proud to state that it is the time to finally face the enormous spider, which is trying to hunt down the most beautiful butterflies in the virtual world!

Save, collect, win!

Tap each butterfly to make it fly away in front of the ugly spider! Save them all to get the highest score in each of 20 levels!

Collect a large collection of 152 beautiful butterflies and flowers, and unlock many achievements on Google Play Games!
Don't miss to make the highest combo and beat players from around the world with the highest score!

Are you an experienced player and no one can beat you? Try your skills in survival mode - challenging gameplay mode, where only the best players can be in the top of the leader board!